Azure DevOps and AWS ToolKit task to GitHub source reference

When searching for the source for the AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Azure DevOps, you won’t find direct references to the docs or the source when using the Azure DevOps task naming convention.

This is because the Azure DevOps task name is derived compared to its AWS ToolKit task name:
e.g. CloudFormationCreateOrUpdateStack@1 vs AWS CloudFormation Create/Update Stack

I created this reference page to quicky refer to the source and docs for the AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Azure DevOps, when I need to investigate a behaviour or issue.

Docs and Source Entry Points

Docs: AWS Toolkit for Microsoft Azure DevOps

Deployment Tasks

Docs: AWS CodeDeploy Application Deployment
GitHub: CodeDeployDeployApplication@1

Docs: AWS CloudFormation Create/Update Stack
GitHub: CloudFormationCreateOrUpdateStack@1

Docs: AWS CloudFormation Delete Stack
GitHub: CloudFormationDeleteStack@1

Docs: AWS CloudFormation Execute Change Set
GitHub: CloudFormationExecuteChangeSet@1

Docs: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Create Version
GitHub: BeanstalkCreateApplicationVersion@1

Docs: AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deploy Application
GitHub: BeanstalkDeployApplication@1

Docs: Amazon ECR Pull *not available
GitHub: ECRPullImage@1

Docs: Amazon ECR Push
GitHub: ECRPushImage@1

Docs: AWS Lambda Deploy Function
GitHub: LambdaDeployFunction@1

Docs: AWS Lambda .NET Core
GitHub: LambdaNETCoreDeploy@1

Docs: AWS Lambda Invoke Function
GitHub: LambdaInvokeFunction@1

General Purpose Tasks

GitHub: AWSCLI@1

Docs: AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell Script
GitHub: AWSPowerShellModuleScript@1

Docs: AWS Shell Script
GitHub: AWSShellScript@1

Docs: Amazon S3 Download
GitHub: S3Download@1

Docs: Amazon S3 Upload
GitHub: S3Upload@1

Docs: AWS Send SNS or SQS Message
GitHub: SendMessage@1

Docs: AWS Secrets Manager Create/Update Secret
GitHub: SecretsManagerCreateOrUpdateSecret@1

Docs: AWS Secrets Manager Get Secret
GitHub: SecretsManagerGetSecret@1

Docs: AWS SSM Get Parameter
GitHub: SystemsManagerGetParameter@1

Docs: AWS SSM Set Parameter
GitHub: SystemsManagerSetParameter@1

Docs: AWS SSM Run Command
GitHub: SystemsManagerRunCommand@1